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We are an innovative full service information technology company dedicated to provide information system solutions for small to medium size businesses. Our development team is highly experienced in design, development and implementation of any business application. Our software development staff comes from years of industry experience. In addition to our top-notch baseline products, we provide custom-based solutions to meet specific needs. Our software engineers and analysts are experienced in all areas of product development. Our services include gathering requirements analysis to a complete successful implantation. This covers an entire cycle of software development. User friendliness, cost effectiveness and quality are our key objectives.

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Laundry SOFT

LaundrySOFT is a powerful and user friendly software solution available to dry cleaning and laundry businesses. The software has been around for over 10 years and business owners that use the software are extremely happy with how easy the software is for new employees to learn. The software cuts down the learning curve for new employees to almost ZERO and saves high costs typically associated with time spent on training.  

Biz Promoter

Biz-Promoter is a tool for direct marketing and promotes business by sending predefined text message templates at set schedules. The solution allows management and maintenance of customers that can be selected for sending messages at different schedules.