LaundrySOFT is a powerful and user friendly software solution available to dry cleaning and laundry businesses. The software has been around for over 10 years and business owners that use the software are extremely happy with how easy the software is for new employees to learn. The software cuts down the learning curve for new employees to almost ZERO and saves high costs typically associated with time spent on training.

The power that the software brings makes it unique and highly desirable. The SMS messaging and the automatic online backup options are a couple of powerful features that the software offers. This features-rich, yet highly affordable software is well-recognized for its reliability and excellent support.

Exclusively for Dry Cleaners

LaundrySOFT has been developed in collaboration with dry cleaners and as a result, has become a software of choice that is perfectly suited for dry cleaning business. LaundrySOFT is not only extremely easy to use but provides features that leave the competitors behind.  Developed specifically for dry cleaners, LaundrySOFT has all the features a dry cleaner needs and designed in a way that is fast to use and requires no training.

The satisfaction record from all dry cleaners that use LaundrySOFT is 100%.

Simple, Flexible & Robust
Simple, Flexible & Robust
Quick Order Processing
Quick Order Processing
Customized Invoice Layouts
Customized Invoice Layouts
Billing Management
Billing Management
Built-in Tag Printing
Built-in Tag Printing
Cash Control & Accuracy
Cash Control & Accuracy
SMS Text Messaging to Customers
SMS Text Messaging to Customers
Reports & Graphs
Reports & Graphs
Automatic System Backups
Automatic System Backups
User Management & Security
User Management & Security
Automatic Belt/Hook Assignment
Automatic Belt/Hook Assignment
Expense Tracking and Profit & Loss Management
Expense Tracking and Profit & Loss Management
Fast check-in and check-out and quick order processing
Easy item management and pricing setup
Efficient customer management
Flexible billing management
Automatic hook Assignment for new orders

LaundrySOFT is simple and easy to use. The system enhances your customers’ confidence in your business and your image as a professional dry-cleaner. Customers’ special requests or preferences are clearly indicated on the invoices, allowing you to meet each customer’s particular needs consistently. Quick check-in and check-out processes leads to satisfactory customer service. You can Check-In/out an order using customer’s phone number or last name. Each customer profile can have special notes about the customer (i.e. preferences) which are are highlighted as the new order is entered into the system.

Create new user accounts with ease. Each user accounts is secured with unique password.
Assign Administrator or User role to each account
Grant the new user with the system functions they would be able to use.
Assign the types of items each user would have access to.
The new employee on-boarding process is straight-forward and stress free.
The multi-level security allows an administrator or a manager to monitor the system usage and have a better sense of cash flow.
New Employee

Better control over cash
Automatic opening of cash drawer upon order completion
On-demand opening of cash drawer
Cash drawer report shows every time the cash drawer was opened and the user that opens it
Daily Cash Balance Report

LaundrySOFT gives you more control than ever before over your cash flow. The system automatically opens the cash drawer when required. At the end of the shift or working day, an essential report can be printed to ensure that your cash drawer is balanced. In case of a cash discrepancy, a report can be printed detailing all transactions done by each clerk during a specified period of time

These are just a few examples of some of the power reports that the system produces.  LaundrySOFT is capable of producing many different management reports which you need to efficiently manage your business. Examples include transaction reports, customer reports, inventory reports, monthly billing statements and statements of income. Various types of charts can be created for a graphical view of income and expenses.

Local “From” Phone Number
Setup reusable SMS Text Templates
Send Order updates to customers
Direct Marketing (i.e. Coupons, Deals, etc.)
Create expense categories
Record Expenses
Generate Profit & Loss Statements
Create easy-to-read charts and graphs
Local automatic data backup based on schedule
Online automatic data backup based on schedule
Backup feature equips the business owner to restore from backup should the system crash or a loss of data occurs for any unforeseen reason.
LaundrySOFT Software Only


Complete software package with free software updates and software support for a year. This price is for the fully functional package. There are no hidden fee or monthly charges whatsoever. There is no monthly maintenance fee ever.

LaundrySOFT Hardware & Software

Contact us for information

Complete software package with free software updates and software support for a year. The hardware includes new computer, monitor, cash drawer, receipt printer, tag printer, barcode scanner, mouse and keyboard. The price can vary based on what you need for hardware. Please contact us to discuss.

Note: If you already have all the hardware or need only some of the hardware, we are perfectly fine with that. If you already have a computer you would like to use for this software, we are fine with that. If you do not require the solution to print tags, no problem! Just let us know what you have or what you need and we would be more than glad to work out a perfect deal that will make sense.

You cannot go wrong!

I have been in the business for 30 years and I know good software when I see one. LaundrySOFT has been nothing but great and I want to put the word out: YOU CANNOT GO WRONG with this software. Please feel free to call me any time and I would be more than glad to answer any question about this software. I own multiple stores equipped with this sweet software and I am very happy.
Walter Mourad
(313) 584-6000
Owner – Dynamic Cleaners
Dearborn, MI

I have been using LaundrySOFT for 10+ years

I love how easy to use this software is. The best part is the automatic belt assignment. The software magically knows where the empty hooks are on the convener and assign them to new orders based on the number of items in the order.
Owner – Macy Cleaners
Dearborn, MI

Extremely satisfied!

We used to have the system that required monthly maintenance fee. This changed once we invested into LaundrySOFT which literally paid itself off within a few months. Absolutely worth every penny. I don’t know what I would do without it!
Omar Mouhajer
Owner, Hudson Cleaners
Dearborn, MI

Way to go!

LaundrySOFT has been great. I started my Dry-cleaning and Tailoring business with this software 8 years ago and I am still using it and I am still extremely happy with it. That says everything about the software!
Mark Srour
Founder – Maestro Tailoring & Fashion
Cleaveland, OH

Best software for dry-cleaning business!

I would like to congratulate you and your team for your success. Your hard work and your vision about this software has made it happen. This software fits all our needs. We have tried many others and I can say with confidence that there is no other software that can compete with LaundrySOFT, not even close. We are so very happy and satisfied with the great service you have provided over the years. You have come to rescue us when we had hardware crash and other unforeseen circumstances even a long time after you sold us the software. You were always there when we needed you. Thank you so very much!!
Fadi Akkawi
Owner – Dynamic Cleaners
Dearborn Heights, MI

Perfect for my business!

This software makes things easy. I have tried many things but once I started using LaundrySOFT, I never looked back. This software makes it easy for me to run my business. The last software I used was unnecessarily complicated. With LaundrySOFT, you can train a 5-year old to use the the software within minutes.
Hadi Akkawi
Owner, Dynamic Cleaners
Wayne, MI